It's a Mobile Friendly Multi-screen World -- Responsive Web Design is a Must 

 Due to the massive growth in smartphone and mobile device usage, on 4/21/15 Google made a monumental ‘Mobile-Friendly’ update so a premium mobile website is now a Must Have.

If your website is not compatible with mobile devices, it won’t be easily found on any Google search done by a mobile device. 
That can result in your business losing 50% of search traffic! 
 When a searcher can't find you they will definitely find your competitor

Want to Keep Current Website?

For the price of one cup of coffee per 5-day week we can develop a "mobile adjunct website" so visitors who arrive at your URL via a smartphone will see a mobile friendly environment.  You don't have to spend money to replace your current website.

Want a New Updated Website?

We cost effectively develop a mobile friendly website and environment.  It will include looks, features and functions that attact and appeal to visitors regardless of what device they use. 

Need Online Marketing?

The road to success means generating more business, reducing costs or both.  A few options and tools that support accomplishing these dual objectives are QR Codes, NFC, "Proximity Marketing", and using offline programs to generate online action. 

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