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Mobile Friendly:  What it Means for You and Your Business

With the recent Mobile changes in Google it has never been more important to have a mobile-optimized website. Since April 21, 2015 Google is penalizing websites that are not “Mobile-Friendly”. Therefore, if your current website does not carry a “Mobile-Friendly” label your website will not be easily found when a customer does a search for your business on their mobile device.

You Have Two Choices
If you want to keep your current website we can develop a custom mobile adjunct that will instantly make you presence online mobile friendly. Your current website can continue to service the desktop searcher while your new adjunct mobile websites will "automatically and seamlessly" service the smartphone and tablet searcher. No need to continue to lose potential business as the website will be up in running in a few days, not weeks. For the price of buying a cup of coffee five days per week, we will provide you with a stunning, premium mobile website that will effectively convert mobile searchers to loyal customers by engaging your customers and instinctively meeting their mobile device needs. No need to touch you existing website and no need to spend allot. 

 If you prefer to replace your current website we can build a mobile friendly website for you that appears friendly on all screens (desktop, tablet, smartphone). The website will able to adjust, (grow, add features and function) commensurate with the demands of your business.

General Features 

Mobile Optimization
We can build a premium mobile site for you while you keep your existing site saving you money!
Keep Your Domain
We will link your mobile site as to your existing desktop site.
Maintain Your Brand
Use your existing logo, header and background.
Content Managed
Update your content in real-time. Easy as using Facebook.
Mobile Compatible
Guaranteed to work on smartphones and mobile devices anywhere in the world.
Full Analytics
We track your performance with complete analytics and reporting through Google Analytics.
Search Engines
We make sure your business is ranked in Google when people search on their mobile devices for your business.
Unlimited Possiblities
We will work with you to give you a custom solution which effectively proptes your brand and services.

Mobile Navigation 

Custom Layout
We organize your content in user-friendly menus and sub-menus.
Content Conversion
We will seamlessly convert the current content of your traditional website to your new mobile website.
Human Friendly
We will create beautiful ‘Mobile -Friendly’ menus that properly display on smaller screens.
Mobile Reservations
We will integrate with Opentable to enable your customers to easily book a table using your mobile website.
Special Events
We will enable a calendar to schedule in and share your Special Events with Customers. Keep your customers up-to-date with a mobile-friendly event calendar.
Promotions and Coupons
Instantly release coupons, daily specials, exclusive offers, customer loyalty rewards and all promotions directly through your mobile site!
Photo Albums
Upload and share photos of your business successes with customers.
For companies with multiple locations we offer a “Find Near Me” GPS radius search, which will connect customers to your closest location.

Mobile Navigation New Title

1-Click Phone Calls
Allow customers to call your business by simply pressing a button. Track all calls made through your site.
Mobile Contact Page

Social Media

Encourage customers to ‘Like’ your Facebook page and increase fans!
Display tweets, schedule retweets and increase Twitter followers!
Your Blog
Blogs are a great Communication tool in today’s internet driven society. Share your thoughts on WordPress and get heard!
Display your YouTube videos to increase engagement and build subscribers. Let the world connect with you!
Encourage Customers to connect to your LinkedIn business profile for inquiries and opportunities.
You and your customers can easily share images of good times at your business with Flickr.

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